• Binance has added Arkham (ARKM) to its Launchpad, the 32nd project whose token sale the crypto behemoth has supported.
• The ARKM token sale on the Launchpad will have a hard cap of $2.5 million, with each user limited to 300,000 ARKM or $15,000.
• Arkham also announced its Arkham Intel Exchange which is expected to go live July 18th and bring an intel-to-earn economy allowing for anonymous buying and selling of on-chain intelligence on any crypto wallet address.

Binance Adds Arkham (ARKM) To Launchpad

Binance has announced Arkham (ARKM) as the 32nd project in the Binance Lanchpad. A snaphot of BNB balances will be taken from July 11 – 17 and users are limited to 300,000 ARKM or $15,000 worth of tokens during this period. The public sale price for ARKM is set at $0.05 and there is a hard cap of $2.5 million during this launchpad period.

BNB Price Surge

The news caused a surge in BNB prices trading as high as $243 early Monday morning following the announcement by Binance Launchpad adding Arkham (ARKM).

Arkham Intel Exchange

Coinciding with this announcement was another big news from Arkam as they launched their new platform called ‚Arkham Intel Exchange‘. This platform brings an intel-to-earn economy allowing for anonymous buying and selling of on-chain information about any crypto wallet address through smart contracts via bounties placed by buyers seeking such information.

On-Chain Intelligence Marketplace

The new marketplace allows anyone to post a bounty seeking some on-chain information by locking funds so that it can then be fulfilled by ‘bounty hunters’ – blockchain researchers or sleuths who will exchange intelligence in return for payment .


With today’s news that Arkam is now part of Binance Launchpad following their release of their new platform ‚Arkham Intel Exchange‘, users can now benefit from an intel-to-earn economy which offers anonymous transactions for on chain information regarding any crypto wallet address all through smart contract technology .

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